Punk or pastiche? East Village is getting the “rock” club it deserves Document Journal At the site of beloved discotheque Pyramid Club, Baker Falls promises a reincarnation of the city's transgressive roots—but its new neighbors suggest otherwise

The crumbling mythology of the Ivy League Document Journal Yale and Harvard Law are refusing to indulge in university rankings, on alleged grounds of morality. But are they just masking faltering legacies?

Miami’s club culture crumbles alongside shrinking crypto wallets Document Journal The impacts of FTX’s downfall on local businesses indicates the danger of depending on blockchain-based incomes

Why does sport require the sacrifice of civility? Document Journal Qatar's World Cup is shrouded in political controversies, and accountability has been made unnecessarily complex

Just because you can create a digitally rendered pop star, doesn’t mean you should Document Journal While AI artists can spare fans from the disappointment of boy band breakups, their increasing popularity raises questions about whether today’s music centers on connection or capital

Sophia the Robot is being mass produced for a world plagued with loneliness Document Journal The pandemic has complicated human interaction, and Hanson Robotics thinks they’ve found the solution. But is technology really equipped to solve this inherently human problem?

The world’s skinniest skyscraper disguises capitalistic greed with architectural ambition Document Journal On Billionaires’ Row, some units are not residences, but rather act as cash vaults for their ultra-rich owners

Want to watch porn in Louisiana? Hand over your ID Document Journal A new law requiring age-authentication on porn sites is causing concern for sex workers and their patrons alike

Academic journal fingerprints PDFs to prevent free use of its materials Document Journal When primary sources are paywalled, the public is cornered into taking secondary interpretations at face value

The false promise of payment plans sends Gen Z into debt Document Journal ‘Buy now, pay later’ trends, popularized on social media, aren’t sustainable in the long run

QAnon is calling the Will Smith Slap a deep state conspiracy Document Journal The Oscars’s most viral moment serves as the center for mass speculation, with some claiming this ‘manufactured distraction’ contains a secret message

The complicated truth about recycling Document Journal No Cap: Colgate’s new eco-friendly containers, and recycling protocol, raise questions about consumer education and corporate responsibility

Hackers swipe $625 million from a blockchain platform, raising security concerns in the cryptosphere Document Journal The breach highlights the compromises that come with high privacy and low regulation in the financial realm

The normalization of reality isn’t happening Document Journal New social media apps like BeReal romanticize the everyday. The problem? It’s boring.

Blackballing Russia might not be the answer
Document Journal A country’s political leaders aren’t necessarily a reflection of its people and culture. So why do we treat it as such?

Sean Penn is considering taking up arms against Russia. Should he?
 Document Journal In the era of performative activism, what does responsible use of celebrity platforms look like? 

The man who attempted to assassinate Reagan is playing a sold out show in Brooklyn Document Journal John Hinckley Jr. has 26,000 YouTube subscribers and enough fans to warrant a tour—but is it for the right reasons?

Spotify’s Joe Rogan debacle spotlights a long-corrupt streaming apparatus Document Journal When corporate responsibility is improbable, how do we respond to unjust systems?

A defaced 1930s-era painting raises questions about history versus virality Document Journal How one bored security guard’s vandalism sparked a worldwide debate on the subjectivity of artistic value

A virtual ketamine clinic promises a revolution in mental health care Document Journal The CDC estimates a third of the country is depressed as the pandemic rages on. KetaMD is fighting for an alternative solution.

Miami attempts to rebrand as ‘Crypto Valley’ Document Journal The ‘Gunshine State’ strives to evolve past the stereotypes that plague its reputation, diluting its geriatric population with blockchain bros

NFTs have funded everything from healthcare to war, but are museums above the medium? Document Journal Cultural institutions are cashing in on the blockchain boom, arguably compromising the physical collections they own

Twitter is at war over David Lynch’s politics Document Journal Is David Lynch a conservative? And why do we care?

Gen Z isn’t as sustainable as we thought Document Journal The $100 billion valuation of fast fashion giant Shein reveals a consumer base that values trend over virtue

Twitter is Elon Musk’s newest plaything Document Journal In purchasing what is now the largest stake in the company, the Tesla boss and prolific shitposter also purchased jurisdiction in a field he is ill-equipped to advise on

Stanford scientists uploaded the Moderna vaccine recipe to GitHub Document Journal After reverse-engineering the vaccine from unused remnants, scientists assure us that there are no traces of Gates Foundation microchips in its code

Ming Smith captures the strength and sisterhood in women’s basketball Document Journal For the 25th anniversary of the WNBA, Jordan Brand enlists the photographer for a celebration of its female athletes

You can now download the entirety of the CIA’s UFO documents The Brink The Black Vault releases hundreds of declassified PDFs dating back to the '80s

A volcanic eruption is the site of Iceland’s coolest new hangout The Brink Mount Fagradasfjall erupted for the first time in 800 years, drawing hikers and drones shockingly close

The new crypto social network that monetizes people’s identities The Brink Bitclout directly turns social currency into actual currency

For #CREATECOP26, young artists respond to climate change Document Journal Organized by Art Partner, the art competition announced its winner today, along with virtual exhibition space